Jessica and Nathaniel

"What a beautiful lady. From the beginning we felt at ease and along the way Natasha checked in with us to see how everything was going. She got to know us so that she could make our wedding an intimate and meaningful occasion. Natasha genuinely cares about the couple she is working with and is friendly, enthusiastic and loves her job. We couldn't have asked for a better Celebrant. She made our day very special."

I loved sharing their “proposal story” during the ceremony.

To set the proposal scene, Jess had just gotten back to her hotel room from a Leadership planning session with her colleagues, when she noticed Nat was acting “weird” 🤔 asking Jess for a permanent marker and looking out the window ?? While getting ready for an End of year leadership dinner, Nat sent Jess a text saying "you can open it". Jess had no idea what he was referring to, so went and asked him what he was on about! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nat said...”The box on the counter in the room.” There, Jess found a box with a ribbon 🎁 saying "I love you". She opened the box to find a ring and another message written, "Be Mine" 🥰

At this point, Jess still had no idea what he was asking 🤣 so walked into the bathroom to find out what it all meant, at which time Nat asked Jess “Will you marry me". Jess then replied...”Are you serious?” to which he counter-replied, confirm

So much love and laugher was shared with all their nieces and nephews involved

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Natasha Hill
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